Veera Madakari Review

Mar 21, 2009 By RGV

Actor-director Sudeep's new film "Veera Madakari" is a remake of Telugu hit "Vikramarkudu" that was directed by Rajamouli, but the expectations were high as he is known for creating successful remakes.

Not only does Sudeep play two different roles, he also lends his voice to the the popular song "Jink Thaka". But he has not tried to be innovative while making this film.

Sudeep has in no way diluted the impact of the original script and has remained faithful to the Telugu movie.

The high points of "Veera Madakari" are the songs, the way they have been choreographed and Sudeep's performance in two diverse roles. But "Veera Madakari" has its share of negative points, the first being its three-hour length. Also, the first half has a few dragging moments that diminishes its appeal.

Sudeep's voice and body language are perfect for the role of a dynamic assistant commissioner of police, but he might have looked better if he had put on a little weight.

The film is almost a carbon copy of "Vikramarkudu". Even the choice of locations in the second half are the same. The songs too are the same Keervani composed for the Telugu movie.

While Sudeep could have experimented more as a director, he has done exceptional work as an actor.

In "Veera Madakari", Muththeththi Sathyaraju is a compulsive fraudster, but he is suddenly saddled with a child left behind by a rich lady. Circumstances force Sathyaraju to tell people that the child is his own, which leads to a miunderstanding with his lady love Neeraja.

Sathyaraju later comes to know that there is a police officer, Madakari, who happens to be his look-alike and is in hospital for treatment.

Babji is the main villain who uses his clout in politics and the underworld to terrorise villagers. Madakari takes on Babji, tries to check his illegal activities and even kills the villain's son.

There are some situations when Sathyaraju steps into Madakari's shoes and sets out to nab the evil guys.

Apart from Sudeep's performance, another plus point in the film is young Jerusha Christopher, who plays the small girl. Newcomer Raagini is impressive as a heroine. Gopinath and Soori, who play villains, don't do much except for shouting in the film.

Tennis Krishna, Dharma and Dinesh Gandhi have also done a good job.

"Veera Madakari" is an enjoyable film as long as you have not seen the Telugu original.

'Veera Madakari' is an enjoyable film as long as you have not seen the Telugu original.
Rating: 5 / 10