Aa Dekhen Zara Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film
Aa Dekhen Zara is average at best. The idea is good, but the execution is what lets the film down.
Mar 27, 2009 By Ashok Nayak

The very aggressively promoted Aa Dekhen Zara with Neil Nitin Mukesh and Bipasha Basu portraying lead roles, hit theatres today. Apart from Bipasha Basu being the biggest star attraction, the hype is majorly due to sleek promos and the remixed track from Sanjay Dutt's Rocky.

Neil Mukesh made a successful debut with Johnny Gaddar, a film with a talented ensemble star cast, his character demanded very little scope for histrionics, yet the actor received tremendous appreciation. Aa Dekhen Zara is his true test, can he repeat the success with this racy less-than-two-hour-long film?

Ray Acharya (Neil Nitin Mukesh), a struggling photographer has nothing going for him... until he inherits a very 'special' camera from his grandfather which changes his life in a way that he could not have imagined in his wildest dreams. The 'power' of the camera changes Ray's destiny overnight. His life becomes one big roller coaster ride that takes him from rags to riches and also helps him meet the love of his life, Simi (Bipasha Basu) who is an exciting sexy DJ with a mind of her own. Everything is hunky dory and moving towards 'happily ever after'.

As they say with great power comes great responsibility and in Ray's case, also great danger. He must now face up to the dark side of reality and win not only against the evil forces but also against fate.

A well-packaged product can only gather eye balls initially, but at the end of the day it's the quality of content (script, performances, direction et al) decides its fate at the all important box-office. Aa Dekhen Zara suffers from a confused script, average performances and weak direction.

Thank god for the runtime, had it been any longer than the 2 hours it would have been a far too painful watch. The film in an attempt to be different turns out to be predictable and boring. I am still confused with the genre that the film belongs to- An action thriller that you expected from the promos? - A fantasy film for children that wasn't meant to be taken seriously? - Or was it meant to be a love story?

Agreed, a fantasy film with the lead character blessed with a special camera that has the ability to take pictures of the future, does sound interesting. But the love angle and security issue in the second half just doesn't work, in fact ruins a potential fun watch.

Neil Nitin Mukesh does well but much like Johnny Gaddar has limited scope. Bipasha Basu looks stunning, but again the role doesn't really require acting talent. Rahul Dev is good. Sophie has nothing much to offer, except ample amount of skin.

To sum up, Aa Dekhen Zara is average at best. The idea is good, but the execution is what lets the film down.

Ashok Nayak