Vidokkade Telugu Movie Review

Feature Film | Action, Drama
Right from the cinematography to real locations everything in this movie speaks of directorial excellence.
May 4, 2009 By Kishore

You will find the brilliance in the direction just in a few minutes into the movie. Right from the cinematography to real locations everything in this movie speaks of directorial excellence. The stunts are real and believable, not the kind of stunts that we see in Rajnikanth movies. The story itself has been conceived with a lot of research combined with oodles of creativity. There is hardly anything that the director has taken for granted or not thought about.

Surya is a smuggler and flies around the world bringing in diamonds, gold, and pirated movie CDs. He uses really innovative methods of doing this. He is canny, agile, ruthless, and yet has a heart. His boss, Prabhu, depends on him heavily. A hearing impaired driver completes their gang. They deal in illegal activities alright. But they have certain ethics. They are ruled by emotion. For instance, they smuggle gold and diamonds but do not deal with drugs, no matter the returns. And there is another gang that deals with the same activities as well as drug trading. They clash.

There are some minor flaws, but overall the direction by KV Anand is excellent. Agreed, there are some scenes that have been copied from English movies. The street chase and fight scene is originally from a Chinese movie. But the director doesn't copy it blindly. There is some new addition to the chase and fight scene. The drug smuggling scenes may have been inspired by some other movie. Still the way the director has pieced everything together, it is remarkable.

Surya is brilliant. He is again made to cry near the dead body of a dear one and he does it to perfection. It remains you of the scene from Ghazni. Speaking of flaws here is another one: Surya tries to smuggle in diamonds by pasting them to a mineral bottle. He removes the paper that is wrapped around the bottle, sticks the diamonds with the help of chewing gum and covers it with the wrapper, but you could view the diamonds from top side of the bottle. This is something the director should have thought about, since the movie focuses a great deal on hoodwinking the custom officials.

On the whole Vidokkade is a good action movie.