Blue Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | Action, Adventure, Drama, Thriller
'Blue' is made for those who want pulsating action, innovative stunts, glamour and some unbelievable moments that defy logic.
Oct 15, 2009 By Joginder Tuteja

When the makers of a film proudly proclaim their product to be at par with their Hollywood counterparts, one is bound to be sceptical. More so because "Blue" is an action film, that too set underwater, which is not just a first in Bollywood but also a rarity in Hollywood.

So does "Blue" set new standards for Bollywood action movies? Does it actually get into the underbelly of the sea and show a world hitherto unexplored? The answer is yes.

Let's put it this way - "Blue" may not be the mind-blowing commercial action thriller that you would have ever seen. However, it certainly is the most innovative attempt that deserves to be acknowledged and lauded.

Action is truly the USP of the film and keeps the momentum going for "Blue" due to which one doesn't quite miss the presence of a solid storyline.

From first till the last frame, it's the amalgamation of action and an unknown world (under the sea) which brings in a novelty factor.

For those hunting for a storyline, "Blue" actually begins and ends at the basic synopsis level. Mr. Richie Rich Akshay Kumar wants a treasure to be explored and entices his employee and friend Sanjay Dutt with tempting offers.

Dutt is reluctant to take that dive into the sea even though his girlfriend Lara Dutta and brother Zayed Khan do present him enough reasons to take the plunge. Eventually he relents and the journey of "Blue" begins. Simple.

There are five key action sequences that keep the pace up for the film. Each of the three bike sequences featuring Zayed become better and better and in fact his introduction a la 'Fast and the Furious' is something unique for an Indian film.

The boxing ring sequence featuring Sanjay and Akshay does hint of "Broken Arrow", though it works in establishing their characters. Most importantly, the entire underwater hunt sequence is a breathtaking affair.

Anthony D'Souza has a strong eye for visuals and that shows. Technically, whether it is camerawork or sound, "Blue" bears an international feel. Whether it's Sanjay or Akshay, the revelation about their past isn't quite hammer strong, even though convincing.

Moreover, even though the film is a multi starrer, one does expect Akshay to be on the forefront. However, for a change, a film featuring him does allow equal screen space for other actors as well.

As for Lara and Katrina Kaif, their presence is required to make the film look good and in that aspect, they do well.

In a nutshell, "Blue" is made for those who want pulsating action, innovative stunts, glamour and some unbelievable moments that defy logic.

It mainly caters to the youth that just want some non stop action in those two hours while keeping James Bond movies in mind.

The kind of films where bikes are meant to race through traffic, cars are meant to explode, women are meant to bring on a glamour quotient, villains are meant to be suave, action is meant to belong to never-seen-before variety and technical aspects are meant to be superior to the best.

Joginder Tuteja