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Feature Film

Maruti Mera Dosst is a 2009 Indian movie directed by Manikya Raju starring Chandrachur Singh, Ritika Shrivastava, Erik A. Nanda and Sushmita Mukherjee. The feature film is produced by Abhimanyu Shekhar Singh and the music composed by Kartik Shah.

Release Info:
June 5 2009 (India)  
Language: Hindi
Director: Manikya Raju
Ritika Shrivastava
Erik A. Nanda
Vindu Dara Singh
Shahbaz Khan

Rameshwari, an innocent eight year old, loses her mother at birth. Brought up by a doting albeit naive father, she wants... Show more

Rameshwari, an innocent eight year old, loses her mother at birth. Brought up by a doting albeit naive father, she wants for nothing but a mother's love. It is this desire that prompts her father Kunwar Raghvendra Singh to marry Mohini. And that's when the dark forces are released in Rameshwari's idyllic life.

Because with her stepmother arrives the evil and diabolical, Kokoi. Little known to Raghvendra and Rameshwari, Kokoi has come to the palace with the evil intention of getting rid of the father and daughter to inherit all the wealth.

The witch Kokoi tries every trick in the book to harm Rameshwari. She uses black magic and the evil monstrous Tantrik Bhakshu, who has devils and spirits as his pets. To no avail. She uses her brother, a murder convict Sadhu Pahalwan. In vain.

Because unknown to them Maruti (Lord Hanuman) is Rameshwari's saviour and bodyguard and they all have to contend with and face him. Maruti gives each one a red nose and kicks them back to the hell they rose from

Nasty Kokoi is surprised to see how a little boy is able to save his dear friend each time she tries a trick to harm Rameshwari. So she engineers another plot. One so deadly that evens the Lord is powerless. Kokoi creates a situation in the house that Rameshwari herself asks Maruti to leave her and go away.

And from then on life ceases to be anything but dark for Rameshwari. Evil forces threaten to engulf her. Her life becomes a seething mass of hellish and brutish demons and beings. Her father and her days are now, numbered. Or are they? Will Hanuman come back as Maruti to save Rameshwari? This in spite of the conundrum that Rameshwari herself forced Hanuman to take a vow on Lord Rama's name never to come back?

Like all fairy tales, 'Maruti Mera Dosst' ends on a good note. Through many twists and turns, Maruti comes back to save the day and beat the bad guys.

'Maruti Mera Dosst' is an exceptionally entertaining film catering mainly to the kids. Apart from a great star cast, the film is packed with the right amount of action, adventure, state-of-the-art creature effects, animation and special effects.

The film is about good against evil, about the super hero 'Maruti' against the evil forces that are trying to harm Rameshwari, his biggest fan and disciple.

As they say, no one ever calls the Lord's name in vain!



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Cast & Crew Details:
Chandrachur Singh
Ritika Shrivastava
Erik A. Nanda
Sushmita Mukherjee
Murli Sharma
Vindu Dara Singh
Shahbaz Khan

Director: Manikya Raju
Producer: Abhimanyu Shekhar Singh
Music Director: Kartik Shah
Song Lyrics Writer: Subrat Sinha
Cinematographer: Sanjeev Mohapatra
Original Story Writer: Manikya Raju


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