Vithagan Review

Parthiban says "Police na periya pudingi thaan da". Parthiban kicks in the crotch. Parthiban shoots in the crotch. Parthiban makes people retreat like mice (symbolized with a real mouse). Parthiban's evil smirk comes off as a sheepish grin. Parthiban's thunderous entry makes his enemies spiral out of control by doing things such as shooting arrows into each other's nuts and spilling hot soup over their own. His mission is to stay 'with the gun' and ensure that everyone else loses theirs. Yes, that gun.

Just as there should be in every Tamil film enters She, as a witness to a murder committed by him. She stutters hysterically. She threatens to report the incident to the police. He gives her his gun. Still, she fears him. She hitches a ride home with him. Yes, that random. He attempts to force himself on her. She responds negatively by pushing him away. When she discovers that he's actually a lying murderer hiding behind a khaki uniform, she falls in love with him. When he becomes a rowdy and moves up the ranks (courtesy punch dialogues), she proposes to marry him. She's drawn to the very things that repel her. That's probably the sort of crowd that Parthiban has aimed his film at.


's this sick fad in Kollywood? Everyone wants to play good guy and bad guy in the same film. Singam Puli, Mappillai, Udhayan, Puli Vesham were showy gimmicks. So is Vithagan.

If you don't believe all of the above mentioned were flaws, I have some more for you. There is too much predictable gun toting. A sticky situation in Vithagan turns tables just by drawing out 'new' pistols. Parthiban has not another trick up his sleeve. Well, other than shooting dialogues at the audience every once in a while- which displays a grand generosity of willing to accommodate more members in his fan club. Almost every scene in the second half has unwanted extras staring at the action taking place. You connect more with them because their mere presence testifies in favour of your opinion- that everything appears to have been staged. The experience feels like chewing on coarse indigestible cud.

The experience feels like chewing on coarse, indigestible cud. Rating: 1.5 - Rohit Ramachandran