Sree Hari Kathe Kannada Movie

Feature Film | 2010
'Sree Hari Kathe' - of marriage, fidelity and temptations'
Mar 13, 2010 By V.S. Rajapur

Dayal Padmanabhan's "Sree Harikathe" is a neatly narrated film but its main drawback is its uneven pace. The movie drags at many places.

But despite having a cliched plot, it does have its enjoyable moments though the slow pace does test the viewers' often.

The film is essentially a sensible one but it just could have been made better with a little bit of fine-tuning. You are sure to appreciate the performances of all the leading artists, especially Naveen Krishna's.

"Sree Hari Kathe" is about the fidelity of married men in challenging times and how unwarranted situations lead to multiple complications. The subject is not fresh, but Dayal Padmanabhan has tried to look at the theme with a clear perspective and has come out with a fun-filled narrative. Even the comedy sequences don't look cheap and are handled well.

Dayal has also picturised the songs stylishly. Both Murali and Pooja look aesthetic even in sizzling numbers.

Despite these finer points, "Sree Hari Kathe" suffers because of its slow narrative.

In the film, Hari Krishna is an executive who marries a studious girl Prakruthi. Even after their marriage, Prakruthi wants six months time to complete her studies before consummating her marriage. Hari agrees and remains faithful to her wife despite getting adverse suggestions from his womaniser friend Raam.

But trouble starts when Prakruthi seeks some more time and even refuses Hari's offer to go to Singapore. A frustrated Hari seeks Raam's advice and the latter agrees to introduce his friend to a girl.Then enters Pooja.

And then the dilemma and confusion starts. Watch the film to know how the marital drama ends.

Actor Sree Murali has moved out from his regular action-oriented roles and has given a refined performance in the film. But it is Naveen Krishna who is the pick of the lot in "Sree Hari Kathe". His dialogues are sure to make you laugh.

Among the Gandhi sisters, the younger Radhika is really a revelation. She has come out with a fine performance, the best of her career till date. Pooja carries off her role well and looks like a stunning diva. The other artists play their roles perfectly as well.

Debutant Sameer Kulkarni's music is really good and the background music suits the film's mood. Prasanna's dialogues have the right punch and the visuals add to the movie's strength.

"Sree Hari Kathe" is more than a time-pass film but could have been even better with a little more comedy.

V.S. Rajapur