Dhool Review

May 1, 2011 By R. Vijayasarathy

Glam doll Aindrita makes a big impact in Dharani-directed "Dhool" in which she is paired with Yogi. Though the film is hero-centric and talented actor Prakash Raj is also dominating, it is Aindrita's charm and costume sense that looks quite attractive.

Her repeated cat walks in the film and the glamour quotient in the songs is pleasing to watch.

For Prakash Raj, essaying such roles is as easy as gulping mineral water from a bottle. His effective portrayal in the role of a lovable brother is another plus point.

As for as Yogi, it is a tailor made role and whatever he does is sure to be a strong likeable recipe for the audience.

"Dhool" is the remake of Tamil film "Thiruvizhaiyaadal Aarambham" starring Dhanush-Shriya. The Dhanush-Prakash Raj confrontation, thoroughly enjoyable witty dialogues and Shriya's glamour had played a crucial part in the Tamil film's success.

Even the songs of the film were presented in a style that appeals to mass audiences. A remix of the earlier Rajnikanth song "Ennamma Kannu Soukhyama" became a sensational hit.

"Dhool" looks like just a repetition of the Tamil film and nothing more. Dharani enjoys his position as a copy cat and just follows the age-old dictum that it is better to follow the original film while directing a remake.

But for the change of costumes and the music compositions, almost all the things look like the original including even the framing of the shots.

The remix song of Raj Kumar-Manjula song "Nanna Neenu Gellalaare" in the Kannada remake version fails to sync with the audience.

Guru is a good for nothing fellow, discarded even by his own family. He meets Priya in a temple and instantly falls for her. Priya is the sister of a rich industrialist Nanda, who can flex his muscles if his sister was ever teased by hoodlums.

Guru is cool even after seeing Nanda in a ferocious mood. He approaches Nanda and reveals that he is in love with Priya. An enraged Nanda kicks him out of the house, but Guru continues to woo Priya.

Finally they fall in love. Nanda uses his money power to keep Guru away from Priya, but finally it is revealed that Guru wanted to prove a point to all that he had lot of self-belief, but it was only lack of opportunities that made him a happy-go-lucky dude.

Yogi fits well into the role and his body language and dialogue delivery fit well with the role. He should have sleep-walked in the role, but somehow the energy shown by Dhanush in the original is missing in "Dhool".

Aindrita looks quite attractive and impressive.

Hari Krishna's song composition work is good. The "Appa Loosa Amma Loosa" song has already made ito the charts. The camera work is also impressive. The dance choreography for songs shot abroad is impressive.

Dhool is just a frame to frame copy remake, but Aindrita gives the film a different look because of her enormous screen presence.

Dhool: A frame to frame copy
Rating: 5 / 10
R. Vijayasarathy