Fatso Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2012
Fatso is a good plot gone bad. The film could've worked well if the execution of it may have been better.
May 4, 2012 By Mansha Rastogi


A happy go lucky man Navin (Purab Kohli) is madly in love with Nandini (Gul Panag) and plans to get married to her too. However, fate has something else in stores for him. In a sheer case of mistaken identity, Navin dies in a car accident instead of his friend Sudeep (Ranvir Shorey). And on his journey upward into a waiting room he realizes that blunder that's happened. Life gives a second chance to Navin as he comes back but this time in the body of a flabby fatso Sudeep only to realize things are fast changing, Yash (Neil Bhoopalam), Navin's friend, wants to break up with her long time girlfriend Tanuja (Gunjan Bakshi) to propose Nandini. Whether Navin manages to keep Yash off Nandini and whether he wins her over once again this time as the podgy Sudeep follows through the rest of the plot.


Rajjat Kapoor who blatantly refuses the conventional norms of filmmaking has always had his quirky ways carve its own niche. The filmmaker who's inspired by Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini also showcases various references in bits and pieces from various films. There are also many Hollywood references that can be noticed for example, Here Comes Mr. Jordan. However, sadly his offering turns out to be a half baked attempt.

There are quite a few ideas that could've been explored but Rajjat Kapoor falters in letting his story grow gradually. The entire waiting room sequence could've appealed far more had it been for crisper writing paired with amusing satires but that's where almost the entire film lags. Even the romantic turn of Nandini's character towards Sudeep is very sudden almost to an extent of surprising the audience.


The first half appears more of a private party footage of college students who have only one agenda in life, that's to party while most of the activities happen in the second leaving one after the other and the end almost leaves you baffled.

But within the semi-cooked plot lies the sweetness and subtlety of the film which gives rare glimpses especially the sequence where Sudeep expresses how he loves almost everything about life.

Ranvir Shorey is endearing while Gul Panag and Purab Kohli act well.

To sum it up, Fatso is a good plot gone bad. The film could've worked well if the execution of it may have been better.

Mansha Rastogi