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Feature Film | 2010 | Romantic
'Ye Maayam...
Feb 28, 2010 By V.S. Rajapur

Nag Chaithanya's second film "Ye Maayam Chesave" created a lot of hype before its release because it had music by maestro A.R. Rahman and the director was the well-known Gautham Menon.

But the film stands up to its hype and can be called a classic and pure love story. The film breathes fresh air from the first sequence itself and gives audiences a respite from the mindless fights and songs seen in a slew of recent films.

Menon has really showed how a strong script can make a difference in the making of a film. He has worked on minute details, adding much authenticity to the love sequences.

The film has a simple romantic story of two youngsters that has been narrated realistically. Menon has selected a perfect star cast and an experienced technical team. The director has also been able to get the best out of both Nag Chaithanya and newcomer Samantha.

As in any of his previous films, the camera work stands out. Menon has used very good locations to present his story.

And coming to A.R. Rahman's music, it would be difficult not to get carried away by his superb compositions and background music. His soulful and melodious compositions add lot of weight to the film. Rahman once again proves that he is the unbeatable master of music.

Menon's penchant for reality has seen the inclusion of many Malayalam dialogues in the film, which may be a little irritating for the Telugu audiences. But Menon's script is so well written that these mminor things will be forgotten. The love sequences are presented very aesthetically.

In the film, the protagonist Karthik has just passed his engineering course but wants to become a film director. He meets a young christian girl Jesse, his landlord's daughter, and falls for her immediately. But Jesse hails from a traditional christian family and she keeps away from Karthik's overtures in the beginning.

But Karthik follows her and even pleads with her to marry him. Later, they meet again in Kerala and Jesse falls for him. But then the complications begin.

Nag Chaithanya has scored well in his second film. He is certainly good star material. But Samantha is the real pick among artists. She is sensuous and extremely talented. Her expressive eyes are her strong point.

Both Nag and Samantha share a good on-screen chemistry. Devan, Sanjay Swaroop have effectively portrayed their roles. Well-known director Puri Jagannadh also makes an appearance as filmmaker in the movie.

Thrisha and Tamil actor Simbu are seen in guest roles as well.

"Ye Maayam Chesave" is perfect for those who want to watch a good, classic romantic film. It is sure to touch your hearts.

V.S. Rajapur