Autograph Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2004
Feb 3, 2004 By IANS

Are you ready to flip through the pages of your Autograph book and plunge yourself in nostalgia. But before you do that, you might also want to witness someone who has done that in the celluloid world with authority. Its' none other than Cheran in his new movie "AUTOGRAPH".

Senthil (Cheran), an ad-creator from Chennai takes off on a journey to re-live his past memories with three girls who made an impact in his life.

Kamala (Mallika, a new face) Senthil's high school sweet heart, who is at present leading a poverty stricken life with 3 kids. Then Comes Lathika (Gopika, from Kerala) with whom he shared his College days and also something more intimate. Then, it's Divya (Sneha) who brings him out of a miserable state of his mind to a mind-boggling advertisement movie maker.

Kamala and Senthil - as school going kids have displayed unadulterated crush in a village environment. Few to mention are, Senthil puncturing his cycle to walk with Kamala who has also got a flat tire and Senthil daring to put Kamala's father's signature in her progress card and getting punished by Narayana Vathiyar (Ilavarasu - has done execptionally well and his farting scenes definetely brings in laughter). Kamala's ageing from a teenager to a lady is picturized marvellous.

Lathika and Senthil - as college buddies cross geographical boundaries to fall for each other. Senthil being teased by his fellow classmates as "Pandi" (as Malayalees like to put it) draws sympathy and attention from Lathika that leads them to an intimate relationship. Lathika's try to impress Senthil by wearing a nose ring depicts her true love for him. Lathika's father who don't welcome their love has a different plan for her wedding. This leads senthil to the doors of addiction to liquor and smoke.

Divya and Senthil - as colleagues in a leading blend with, help and share each other's thoughts and become good friends. Senthil is amazed by Divya's energetic outlook and electrifying character at the workplace. At the same time, shocked to see her ailing mother and the pains that she is going through in her personal life. This brings them more closer and being a consolation for each other.

And here comes the wedding day of Senthil, which forms the climax of the movie, where his past sweet hearts are invited and Senthil goes through his wedding rituals with Thenmozhi (Kanika) carrying all of his girls' wishes, miseries, their current state of living in his heavily loaded heart. And we leave the movie hall with the same too. An absolute heart-winning movie directed in his own style. Bharadwaj's music is soothing in 2 of his numbers, 'Nyabagam Varudhe' and 'Ovvoru Pookalume'. Foursome Cinematographers Ravi Varman, Vijay Milton, Dwarakanath and Shanki Mahendra are worth mentioning. The locales of Kerala, a treat for the eyes. The 'Hippi' hairstyles, 'Bell Bottom' Pants and 'Big Flap Collared' shirts supports the flashback well.