Aakrosh Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2010 | Action, Drama, Social Issues, Thriller

Aakrosh is a 2010 Indian movie directed by Priyadarshan starring Ajay Devgn, Akshaye Khanna, Bipasha Basu and Reema Sen. The feature film is produced by Kumar Mangat and the music composed by Pritam Chakraborty.

Release Info:
October 15 2010 (India)   
Language: Hindi
Director: Priyadarshan

Aakrosh is inspired from an article of Times of India during the time of 1995, the story is about honour killing. LIS... Show more

Aakrosh is inspired from an article of Times of India during the time of 1995, the story is about honour killing.


The film revolves around a lower caste guy who had gone along with his 2 friends to a village - Jhanjhar in Bihar, his native place, to watch Ramleela. These 3 students of Delhi University go missing in the dusty village. Earlier during 3 months there was no clue where the young students have vanished. Media and students movement all over Bihar takes a pivotal step for getting hint of these students, its then government appoints CBI officers Sidhant Chaturvedi and Pratap kumar and find out the truth under it. A person residing in Bihar himself and, Pratap understands the intricacies of race relations in small towns like Jhanjhar. Pratap tries to use his charm and smartness to crack investigation whereas Sidhant has a very no non-sense, direct approach investigation. It's simply a clash of personalities and ideologies.

Investigating in Jhanjhar becomes a tough task for these officers as the local police force Headed by Bhura Ram with the help of local MP's and landlords run a major branch of the Shool Sena. At the same time the two officers cannot break the ice with local Low cast community members, due to years of fear instilled in them by regular and highly planned Shool sena attacks. Roshni (daughter of the most powerful and richest person of village) acts as a key element to reveal certain realities and give a new direction to the investigation.

Soon the effect of their investigation causes mayhem in Jhanjhar, with riots, burning of houses and killing of peasants in broad daylight. Slowly Pratap with Siddhant's help starts cracking the case by exerting his influence upon Geeta (a victim to the same inhumanity), who acts as a final key to the investigation. How amongst the animosity created by Shool Sena and the fear of losing more peasants do Pratap and Sidhant solve this mysterious case is explained with a chain of exciting, funny and intelligent events that form the climax of the story.



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Cast & Crew Details:
Ajay Devgn
Akshaye Khanna
Bipasha Basu
Reema Sen
Amita Pathak
Paresh Rawal

Director: Priyadarshan
Producer: Kumar Mangat
Production Company: Big Screen Entertainer
Music Director: Pritam Chakraborty
Song Lyrics Writer: Irshad Kamil
Cinematographer: Tirru
Art Designer: Sabu Cyril
Screenplay Writers: Robin Bhatt, AKASH KHURANA
Dialogue Writer: Aditya Dhar
Original Story Writers: Robin Bhatt, AKASH KHURANA
Action Choregraphers: B Thyagarajan, R.P Yadav


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