Neelam Katara lends support to film on honour killing

Sep 21, 2010 IANS

New Delhi, Sep 21 (IANS) Neelam Katara, whose son Nitish Katara was a victim of honour killing in 2002, is lending her support to award-winning filmmaker Priyadarshan's upcoming movie 'Aakrosh' that analyses the issue.

'I don't know the exact story of the film, neither have I seen it. But I know that it deals with honour killings and I am happy that Mumbai producers felt it was important to make people aware of the issue through the medium of cinema,' Katara told reporters at a press conference here Tuesday.

Her son Nitish was 24 when he was murdered by Uttar Pradesh politician D.P. Yadav's son Vikas for being in a relationship with his sister Bharti.

Katara, who fought for justice for her son for many years, says the biggest mistake people in cities make is to think that such social issues are far from their vicinity.

'We always brought up Nitish in a world which understands that choosing your life partner is a personal decision. It is based on choice, love and desire. We used to think there is a world where these things have no significance, but it is far (from their world). Eventually, it came too close.'

'In that world, marriage is a social function where love and desire mean nothing. It is for reproduction or power. Honour or power killing is also to stop women from exerting their rights. It is a serious gender issue and people across India must take cognisance of it,' she added.

'Aakrosh', releasing Oct 8, features Ajay Devgn, Akshaye Khanna, Bipasha Basu, Paresh Rawal and Amita Pathak.

Neelam hopes the film succeeds in spreading the right message in the interiors of the country as well.

'I am in full support of this film and I hope the message reaches people that honour killing is wrong and as parents, we don't have a right to kill children because of their decisions.'

Director Priyadarshan insists the film is 'not a criticism, but an analysis' of honour killing.

'We have dealt with honour killing in our film, but we have left a question mark at the end for the audience to decide whether the practice is right or wrong. However, we wish that people stop supporting honour killing,' said Priyadarshan, who has earlier made serious films like 'Gardish', 'Kala Pani' and 'Virasat'.

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