Kuchh Kariye Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2010 | Drama

Kuchh Kariye is a 2010 Indian movie directed by Jagbir Dahiya starring Sukhwinder Singh, Vikrum Kumar, Rufy Khan and Shriya. The feature film is produced by Jagbir Dahiya and the music composed by Onkar and Sumitra Iyer.

Release Info:
April 23 2010 (India)   
Language: Hindi
Director: Jagbir Dahiya
Sukhwinder Singh
Vikrum Kumar
Deepak Shirke
Mushtaq Khan

Kuchh Kariye is the story of Rishi (Sukhwinder Singh), a simple and honest musician in love with Alpna (Shriya), who is ... Show more

Kuchh Kariye is the story of Rishi (Sukhwinder Singh), a simple and honest musician in love with Alpna (Shriya), who is forced by the people of his city to leave his home town and move to Mumbai. Here he meets two other boys Javed Khan (Vikrum Kumar) and Shani (Rufy Khan) who have also come to Mumbai in search of their destiny and fortune.

Together, they realise, that all of them share same passion for films. They are also an idealistic lot and want to bring a change in the society. They believe that a positive thought can change the course of life. If one is able to rise above the personal selfish needs, one can bring a change is what they believe in. With stroke of luck, they do begin their film. They meet Roza (Khuahhish) and Pappu Halva (Mustaque Khan) and with her support their plans start falling in place. However, destiny has planned something else. There is terror and loss. Rishi is overcome with grief and disillusion. Will he choose the right path?

Kuchh Kariye deals with the current socio political scenario. It's a social film dealing with certain contemporary and relevant issues. It's journey of a man meeting his destiny and coming to terms with his own self.

Will Rishi and his friends manage to achieve their goal? Will Rishi be able to change the thinking of law and outlaws? Does disillusion wait for Rishi at the end of the journey?


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Cast & Crew Details:
Sukhwinder Singh
Vikrum Kumar
Rufy Khan
Deepak Shirke
Mushtaq Khan
Surendra Pal
Dinesh Hingoo
Ahmad Khan
Anil Nagrath
Abhay Bhargava
Suresh Chatwal
JaishreeMukesh Tiwari

Director: Jagbir Dahiya
Producer: Jagbir Dahiya
Production Company: Surya Productions
Music Directors: Onkar, Sumitra Iyer
Song Lyrics Writers: Salim Bijnauri, Manthan, Sunil Saivaiya
Editor: Sanjay Verma
Art Designers: Vijay Das, Sunil Das
Screenplay Writer: Salim Bijnori
Dialogue Writer: Salim Bijnori
Original Story Writer: Salim Bijnori
Song Choregraphers: Ganesh Acharya, Lolly Pop, Raju Khan, Himesh Bhatt