Advocate Lakshmanan - Ladies Only

Release: July 30 2010
Language: Malayalam
Director: Pappan Payattuvila
Producer: S. Mohan
Production Company: Dhanush Films,
Music Director: Mohan Sithara
Do not mistake for a moment that this is a film for women alone. On the contrary, 'Adv. Lakshmanam: Ladies only' is a film that should be enjoyed by both men and women. In this film, Mukesh plays Lakshmanan, an advocate who appears in courts only on behalf of women. Lakshmanan specialises in divo...More
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Critic Rating: (0.5)
User Rating: (5)

Most of the scenarios that make up Advocate Lakshmanan: Ladies Only are crude, and the saddest thing about it is that its not even remotely as funny as it hopes to be. With the movie over, I would have been happy if there was at least a snappy one-liner that I could think of, but unfortunately that's not the case. (0.5) - Veeyen Read Full Review


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