Karayilekku Oru Kadal Dooram

Karayilekku Oru Kadal Dooram is a 2011 Malayalam movie directed by Vinod Mankara starring Indrajith Sukumaran, Jagadish, Mamta Mohandas and Dhanya Mary Varghese. Music for the movie is composed by M.Jayachandran.

Release: January 1 2011
Language: Malayalam
Director: Vinod Mankara
Production Company: ITL Productions
Music Director: M.Jayachandran
'Karayilekku Oru Kadal Dooram' is a film directed by Vinod Mankara in which Mamta Mohandas gets to play yet another strong role after Sathyan Anthikkad's 'Katha Thudarunuu'. Indrajith plays the male lead in the film. He dons the role of Anoop Chandran, a famous writer. Prone to seeing future eve...More

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Critic Rating: Rating: 1.5
User Rating: Rating: 1

The final disclosure that is intended to send shock waves does nothing of the sort, since you are suddenly left with the feeling that these characters truly deserve what they get in the end. The reason behind such an apathetic feeling is indeed the sea; the sea that lies between the film and its viewers stranded on some other shore. Rating: 1.5 - Veeyen Read Full Review


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Cast Overview:
Indrajith Sukumaran
Mamta Mohandas
Dhanya Mary Varghese
Lakshmi Sharma
Sarayu Mohan
Geetha Vijayan