Khichdi - The Movie Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | Comedy
If you have wanted to laugh aloud since some time, this surely is a good chance to unleash yourself.
Oct 1, 2010 By Noyon Jyoti Parasara

There have been so many instances when Indian television has copied content from the big screen and used it, in the regular elongated and extended forms. But turning a movie out a show concept is surely new. There was news of Anand Mahendroo doing it with Dekh Bhai Dekh, but JD Majethia has clearly beaten him by miles… and in style!

Creating a film out of a show is in no way an easy task. But it definitely easy when you have characters which don't need to be build. Khichdi to its advantage had extremely popular characters - ones established in the audience's mind over the last few years. Hence when you go to watch the movie you already know that it's going to be madness and that's why you decided to watch it first place.

The question hence is - Does it live up to the expected madness? And the answer most certainly is -YES! On a flip side, some of gags seem used and repeats.

Getting into the story Himanshu desires to fall in love and so does his neighbor Parminder and then they fall in love with each other. But suddenly Himanshu has a change in heart and hopes to have conflicts and separation in love - in true filmy style - so that his love story too turns memorable. And that's exactly what his family decides to help him in.

This is one fun ride throughout keeping the audience in splits. The screenplay is kept simple in tune with the genre of the film. One criticism however would be that unlimited gags do stretch the film. Fans of the show are also likely to miss the original jayashree - Vandana Pathak. While Nimisha Vakharia who plays Jayashree in the film does her part well, it is quite huge task to live up to a character like this. The others are just as good as they are on small screen. Supriya Pathak, JD Majethia and Anand Desai are in top form. Satish Shah comes in as a pleasant surprise.

Overall, if you have wanted to laugh aloud since some time, this surely is a good chance to unleash yourself. Khichdi fans of course can't give this a miss. Kudos to director Aatish Kapadia and producer JD Majethia for making this film, the way they did it.

Noyon Jyoti Parasara