Desi Boyz Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2011 | Action, Comedy
Desi Boyz, despite all flaws, provides for wholesome desi entertainment. An enjoyable one time watch specially for Sanjay Dutt's performance! Go for it!
Nov 24, 2011 By Mansha Rastogi

Whenever you hear an actor say, 'This film is different', you know you are in for a run of the mill cliche. However, there are times when their words come as an exception and in case of Desi Boyz it's definitely one, and a pleasant exception at that.

Set against the time financial meltdown across the globe, Desi Boyz is the story of Jignesh Patel a.k.a Jerry Patel (Akshay Kumar), a security guard and Nick Mathur (John Abraham), an investment banker. Life is perfect as the two live happily in their London pad. However, fate takes an ugly turn when the two lose their jobs during recession and face heavy financial problems. While Nick needs money for a happy married life with Radhika Awasthi (Deepika Padukone), Jerry needs financial support to take care of his late sister's son Veer. With no job at hand, the distressed friends turn to being male escorts. How their lives take a turn after that, how Radhika handles Nick's new profession and whether Jerry manages to get Veer back from his foster family or not follows through the rest of the plot.

Desi Boyz may definitely not be a water-tight script neither can it be called an extremely original plot for it seeks 'inspiration' from many a Hollywood films and also an apparent real life story, however, it's the execution of the film that makes one get transported into the lives of the actors. While the first half trudges at snail's pace with a few comic punches here and there, it's the second half that involves all the fun and frolic making for an enjoyable watch.

Debutante filmmaker Rohit Dhawan who happens to be comedy king David Dhawan's son doesn't quite follow the footsteps of his father and saves his film from treading into slapstick regions. Though wavering in the start, Rohit holds the reigns of his film quite well and does bring in a decent blend of story, emotions and humour. There are scenes in Jerry Patel's plot easily picked up from Adam Sandler's films, Billy Maddison being one of them, but they don't quite pinch in the broader scenario and might get unnoticed.

Even the songs in the film don't break in unnecessarily and are perfectly placed in the storyline. Music by Pritam works well with the story of the film and complements the star perfectly, not to mention they already ruling the charts.

Akshay Kumar, much against the recent hamming he was accused of in many a comedy films of his, delivers a restrained yet pleasant performance. His chemistry with Chitrangada Singh is sizzling and the two definitely set the screen on fire in one of the salsa scenes though Chitrangada's stand alone character appears very rushed up.

John Abraham exhibits tremendous amount of improvement from his last attempt at comedy with Akshay Kumar in Garam Masala. From a completely clueless and overshadowed actor in Garam Masala to an equivalent of his experienced co-star in Desi Boyz, John has definitely come a long way. His pairing with Deepika Padukone is also refreshing and pleasant.

But what takes the cake in the entire film and probably gives clap-worthy moments to fans is the entry of Sanjay Dutt. Each time he makes entry on to the screen he exudes magnetic charisma with his appearance is also aided by the best punches and dialogues in the entire film.

To sum it up, Desi Boyz despite all flaws provides for wholesome desi entertainment. An enjoyable one time watch specially for Sanjay Dutt's performance! Go for it!

Mansha Rastogi