Hostel Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film
The writer loses way and seems confused how to carry on his story beyond initial ragging scenes. Watch only if you want to feel ragged and drained!
Jan 20, 2011 By Noyon Jyoti Parasara

Last week in Yamla Pagla Deewana we saw a man hitting Sunny Deol with an iron rod and the rod bending. In the past too we have also seen films like Joshilay where two people have fist fights from dawn to dusk and yet manage to be on their feet. These films are meant to be over the top, larger the life and fun and hence such scenes are accepted. But if you promise that your film will stick close to reality and then show two men beating each other with iron rods and yet they keep fighting it can only mean that you are taking your audience for granted. Everyone knows that one hard hit on the head with an iron rod would not leave you with consciousness enough to stand up and fight, unless we are talking about superheroes.

There are a lot more discrepancies in Mabish Gupte's Hostel. The director had claimed that his film is a gritty and hard hitting film on ragging in college hostels. He also promised that while the film has a fictional story all ragging incidents that he has shown are inspired by real life instances that he has come across in last 17 years.

Despite all the research the film scores low on writing. The writer, who has written films like Sarkar and D, loses way and seems confused how to carry on his story beyond initial ragging scenes. What he hence does is fill up the film with repetitive ragging scenes and some badly shot romantic scenes. By the end you would have seen guys being undressed so many times that you invariably believe that the ones who rag are the most unimaginative villains - they really can't figure anything better to do! Also interesting tracks like drugs and politics are mysteriously introduced and left as it is without any conclusion or reasoning.

Technically too Hostel is weak. It has been shot very immaturely. The cinematographer seems to be in a Ram Gopal Varma hangover as he comes up with the strangest of angles that made no sense. He needs to imbibe much more from RGV before trying any stunts. The editing is weak too and neither is the music worthy.

Noyon Jyoti Parasara