Diary of a Butterfly Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | Thriller
This Butterfly surely doesn't fly high. Best avoided.
  Below Average
Mar 2, 2012 By Mansha Rastogi

As rightly said, film industry doesn't wait for anybody and there are many actors and actresses who vanish without a trail and are easily swept off people's memories. One among the many long lost actresses is Udita Goswami who makes a feeble attempt at a comeback with Vinod Mukhi's Diary Of A Butterfly.

Enjoying a high flying lifestyle in the small town of Jaipur is Gul that's Udita Goswami, who dreams to make it big and eventually lands herself in a job with a fashion house in Mumbai and moves there. From there on starts her modern take on a secure future where in return of a great job and lifestyle she doesn't mind comprising on her conscious. Although she does realise her mistake, but only too late to know that she has come too far in life. How Gul then manages to lead a life in a way she thinks is righteous is what forms the rest of the story.

Female oriented films in the present times are surely setting the cash registers ringing aloud, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the project be of jaded and tawdry quality.

The first thing that hits the eye is the gaping loop hole in the continuity of the scenes. For instance, Udita enters a party wearing a pink dress and comes out wearing a white dress. Even on the story front, the film appears very irksome. It proceeds in an extremely disorganized and jumbled manner with characters going in and out of the story undefined. Except for Udita Goswami's character, rest all the characters are sketchy and vague with no purpose to the film whatsoever. Even at that most of them end up stuttering their way on screen.

Even the technicalities of filmmaking aren't kept in check and the flaws can be pointed out even by a commoner. There are a quite a few scenes of hotel but what they show instead is a tacky house shot giving a very television cheat shot feel. The setting, that of Mumbai, hasn't been well-defined and the place they say is not exactly what they show.

Udita Goswami's acting prowess ranges from okay to bad to worse to even some unfathomable lows. Not to mention her dancing skills where you just want the song to get over. Music itself can put connoisseurs of good music to shame at the laxity with which it's exploited.

It wouldn't be wrong to sum it up saying that this Butterfly surely doesn't fly high. Best avoided.

  Below Average
Mansha Rastogi