Dhoom 3 Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2013 | UA | Action, Adventure, Thriller
Dhoom 3 is bigger, grander and visually spectacular but has it's share of flaws too. A must watch for the sheer grandeur.
Dec 20, 2013 By Mansha Rastogi

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There's a reason why Yash Raj Films is the biggest and the most prestigious banner in the Hindi Film Industry because when they make films people WATCH!

There's a reason why Dhoom 3 was meant to release towards the fag end of the year because one needed a grand finale for an eventful 2013.

There's also a reason why you should watch this film. It's GRAND!

Dhoom series have always been formula films with the good against the bad, the cops and robbers, the bikes, the stunts, the hotties and handsomes. But with the entry of Aamir Khan to the franchise, YRF has taken the film to another level. The movie brings to fore an emotional undercurrent which has been missing in the earlier two parts and strikes a chord with the masses in the very first 15 minutes.

Major credit goes to the veteran superstar Jackie Shroff and the little wonder Sidharth Nigam who build the premise of the film so strong that the unfurling of the following events give an elevated experience.

Similar to the earlier series, Dhoom 3 too is essentially a cops and robber drama. Sahir (Aamir Khan) is a robber in the garb of a gymnast and a circus artist. His heists wreack havoc in Chicago city in USA, the clue that he is an Indian comes about with the message he always leaves behind in Hindi. Hence, two cops from Mumbai Police, Jai (Abhishek Bachchan) and Ali (Uday Chopra) are called in to nab the thief.

Do they manage the unmanagable? Watch out

To get the negatives out of the way first, the drawbacks of the film come in the names of formula and edit. There's nothing highly unpredictable in the film. The way the story unfurls is something that you may have thought through much in advance. Where the maker scores in such situation is the screenplay. Despite a predictable plot, the story doesn't bore you because the drama quotient is kept in check.

Coming to the edit, it's the length of the film which can also work slightly against it. With 172 minutes and length songs, one does get exhausted by the end of the film. The movie could easily be chopped by 15 minutes at least for a more snappy and sharp approach.

As for the positivies, as mentioned above, Dhoom 3 is unlike other Dhoom series. The emotional quotient of the film is quite high but that doesn't mean one witnesses ample melodrama. There's a fair balance of unadulterated action and emotional connect that director Vijay Krishna Acharya brings about in the story. Moreover, there are ample twists and turns to not let you get bored too.

YRF has always been known for great production quality and Dhoom 3 redefines grandeur. The movie takes the visual medium to a whole new level with the way it is shot. The larger than life robbery sequences followed by stylist and nail biting bike chase sequences and the action and stunts that follow are a complete paisa vasool.

On the acting front, Abhishek and Uday both keep up with their act of Jai and Ali and bring nothing new to the table. The new entrants however, are the ones to be discussed. Aamir Khan partly gets his act right. There's imperfection in his act this time around and although you are impressed with the superstar in some sequences, in some parts he really disappoints. Katrina Kaif on the other hand gets a prop part yet again. The actress is introduced into the plot only to elongate the length of the screentime what with all the songs and tamashas.

To sum it up, Dhoom 3 is bigger, grander and visually spectacular but has it's share of flaws too. A must watch for the sheer grandeur.

Mansha Rastogi