Saguni Review


ni, the
much touted Karthi-starrer, released yesterday. Tickets were selling like hotcakes and I couldn't get myself one. After watching it today, I suggest you let the hype pass. It's going to die down pretty soon.

The first half is quite an entertaining watch, mainly due to the presence of Santhanam who knows just how to make the most unoriginal things seem funny. The heroine is introduced with an anecdote that's narrated in a how-I-met-your-mother fashion. It's light, good-natured humour and draws chuckles.

But then comes a terribly choreographed fight sequence in a bar. A man gets beaten up with a plastic stool and he doesn't seem to be able to pick himself up. The pounding energy in the theatre begins to ebb away. Prakash Raj enters as Prakash Raj- an evil, corrupt politician who is bound to lose his cool and by the end of the film becomes the butt of a long standing joke. Predictable. Boring. Now where did Santhanam go?

Saguni's intended to be a mindless entertainer and it gets off on the right foot but halfway in, it spirals downward into oblivion. Rating: 2 - Rohit Ramachandran