Main Krishna Hoon Hindi Movie Review

Jan 25, 2013 By Mansha Rastogi

Bollywood's addiction to turn all mythological affairs into animation to cater to the needs of the toddlers of the nation continues with director Rajiv S Ruia's Main Krishna Hoon. Despite having the backing of names like Katrina Kaif, Hrithik Roshan and Juhi Chawla who have gone all out to support the film, Main Krishna Hoon has been stuck in the pipelines for long. Does it connect with the young minds? Let's find out.

Main Krishna Hoon is about an orphan kid who is angry at Lord Krishna for giving him an evil disease of epilepsy owning to which not a single family wants to adopt him. He grows up at an orphanage owned by Kantaben (Juhi Chawla) who worries about the disheartened child and raises him like her own son. Affected by the kid's anger towards him, Lord Krishna himself decents on earth and becomes his friend. How he eventually helps the kid from all dangers as they embark upon one adventure after another right from rescuing friends, punching goons, fighting evil etc. follows through a series of events.

Main Krishna Hoon thrives completely on done to death plots which may have been consumed by kids pretty much like the junk they gobble up every other day. Moreover, it's like any other My Friend Ganesha rip off that comes about every alternate month.

Although the film starts off on a decent note, it turns boring soon after enough to put you to sleep. Even the production quality is nothing to rave about. Some of the animated sequences are quite shoddily done and don't add value to the film specially the portions of Krishna's life.

What works however is the inclusion of actors like Juhi Chawla, Katrina Kaif and Hrithik Roshan. Juhi Chawla is always a delight to watch and even in this film she gives an endearing performance that can easily strike a chord with the audience. Katrina Kaif and Hrithik Roshan add face value to the film and also a much needed relief from the boring goings on.

Music by Amjab Bagadba and Nadeem Khan is uninspiring only acts as a hindrance to the plot.

Pitted against the likes of Race 2 and Akaash Vani, Main Krishna Hoon may easily succumb and disappear. But if it still catches your attention or your child's attention watch it only if you or your child has nothing better to do.

Rating: 33%
Mansha Rastogi