Mr. Nokayya Telugu Movie

Feature Film | 2012
Mar 12, 2012 By V.S. Rajapur

Young actor Manchu Manoj's new film "Mr. Nookayya" could have been a good timepass popcorn film if director Ani Kannerghatti had increased the pace of the movie, which seems to be inspired by Mexican film "Lucia Lucia".

Manchu is the real asset of the film and excels in his energy levels. His stylish looks, rocking dance movements and absorbing stunts are the major attractions of the film and it can dilute the impact of a weak narration.

The first half of "Nookayya" tests the patience of the audience, but it shapes up in the second half where director tries to mix up the two tracks of the story.

The audience may well be confused in the first half as the film's narration is irritatingly prolonged. The director should have worked on these portions to make the film more entertaining and engrossing.

Other than lack of novelty in the script, the film suffers because not much importance is given to comedy sequences and even a superbly talented actor like Brahmanandam is wasted.

It is a stylishly made with some thrilling elements, but story is too predictable despite some twists here and there. The whole film revolves around Manchu Manoj and the the director seems to have ignored the characterisation of other equally important characters. In shot, he has failed to present a credible story.

Nookayya, a mobile thief, is engaged in many charitable causes. He is in love with a waitress and wants to settle down with her. He is always in search of opportunities to strike a big deal.

Meanwhile, Anu, who is married to a bank manager, faces a big problem in her life when her husband is kidnapped. The kidnapper demands a ransom of Rs.2 crore.

Anu tries to use her husband's bank keys to arrange for the money. When she is taking the stolen money to the kidnapper, Nookayya is trying to steal the some money.

How Anu's husband gets released from kidnappers and how Nookayya gets settled in his life form the rest of the plot.

Manchu Manoj has taken additional responsibility of choreographing the fights for the film. He has really shown a lot of improvement in his acting ability. Certainly, he comes good in his comedy timing, fights, dances and even emotional sequences.

Among the two heroines, it is Kriti Kharbanda who has more space to perform and impresses the best. Sana Khan's presence is limited.

Among the character artists it is Ahuthi Prasad who shines. Raja impresses with his role.

The musical composition of Yuvan Shankar Raja and the camera work of Rajashekhar are of high standards.

"Nookayya" is just a time pass with some dragging elements. You can watch it for Manoj and Manoj alone, that too if there are no other alternative forms of entertainment.

V.S. Rajapur