Dookudu Telugu Movie Review

Feature Film
Mahesh shines in Dookudu but movie falls short
Sep 23, 2011 By Haricharan Pudipeddi

If Dookudu, instead of Mahesh had someone else in the lead then undoubtedly the film would've been a dud. Mahesh saves the film single handedly, not even the brilliance of Srinu Vytla seem to have made much of a difference. Reasons are plenty and let's quickly discuss few before we arrive at a conclusion.

Lack of novelty in script is one of the main reasons why Dookudu fails to impress. Srinu Vytla, unlike films like Ready and King, where the director was highly appreciated for his novelty, is to be blamed for resorting to a story so common to several films of the past. Mahesh proves his mettle by pulling off his character with ease and élan, albeit with a lesser impact than his blockbuster hit Pokkiri.

The story unfurls thus. Ajay is the son of ex MLA Shankar Naryana, who's been in coma for several years, desires to see his son take his place and serve the poor. But, Mahesh grows up to become a cop who doesn't know the meaning of the word 'fear'. The family shifts base to Mumbai, a perfect backdrop for daredevilry, where Ajay crushes many gangsters ruthlessly. His heroic abilities land him in the perfect task, to fix underworld's most dreaded and elusive face - Nayak. How does Ajay take care of Nayak? And what happens between them forms the rest of the story?

Dookudu is a typical Srinu Vytla film coupled with humor and action. Besides, comedy and action, the director succeeds in bringing forth a new angle to his film, father-son sentiment. Barring the long running time, Dookudu somehow manages to keep the momentum alive. Almost all the characters in the film have been seen in the past. He presented all old characters in such a way that they appear new and different.

Mahesh Babu champions in his role as a cop, matching his charming looks are his impeccable acting and style. Mahesh and style are congruent throughout the film and not even for a minute you'd feel that the actor overdid it. The director strategically characterized the hero in such a way that chances for blunder are meager. Samantha brings to the table what I call oomph in adequate proportion, not a bit more or less. She lives up to her role and puts forth a tidy performance. Brahmanandam's role worked in parts

and his outburst in the climax scene is a hilarious experience that you shouldn't miss at any cost.

Direction wasn't spectacular and moreover you can't expect more because there was hardly any novelty. Music by Thaman isn't praiseworthy but ordinary and lackluster. None of the songs were catchy, neither was the background score. Dialogues by Kona Venkat makes one yearn for more. Powered by one-liners and puns, dialogues in the film synch smoothly in to the theme of the film.

Haricharan Pudipeddi