Dookudu Telugu Movie Review

Feature Film
'Dookudu' an out and out Mahesh Babu film
Sep 25, 2011 By V.S. Rajapur

"Dookudu" was much awaited because of the two big names of the Telugu film industry associated with it - Mahesh Babu and director Sreenu Vaitla.

Vaitla has been known for making successful comedy-action films, while Mahesh's movies stood out for his trademark stylish acting, glamour and breathtaking action sequences.

Since his biggest blockbuster "Okkudu", Mahesh's performance has always been of higher level.

Vaitla uses Mahesh's style and presence well in "Dookudu", which boasts of his signature style of narration and this film too he focuses on punchy dialogues, which will satisfy moviegoers. The touch of comedy is felt in most of the sequences in the second half where focus is on reality show and two eminent comedians -- Brahmanandam and M.S. Narayana -- have been liberally used to entertain the audience.

There is also Parvathi Melton's well-shot item number.

Within a few minutes of the film, you will realise that it is an out and out Mahesh Babu's film. His versatility, his dances and body language -- all add up to highlight his characterisation. In many scenes, the actor has allowed two veterans, Brahmanandam and Narayana, to take centrestage.

Mahesh's character has all the elements that his fans expect from him and there is a good dose of emotion, which may go well with family audience. His love for his father and the emotional sequences that happen in his large family will tug at the audiences heartstrings.

The film is replete with visual treat and style as each sequence is shot with the backdrop of a rich canvas.

The story may be formulaic, but there is enough space for entertaining elements. Though the writers have failed to give a credible story and script, artists and technicians make up for it and take the film to a greater height.

However, music could have been a little better.

The story starts with the assassination attempt made on an honest politician Shankar Narayan by some anti social elements. Though it is believed that Shankar Narayan is dead, he survives but goes into a coma and his trusted aides keep him in a hospital for 14 years.

Shankar Narayan wants his son Ajay to be a politician, but he becomes a super cop instead and is on a mafia wipeout spree. He is sent to Istanbul to track down a don called Nayak and there he bumps into a girl who is a stylist and is there to participate in a fashion show.

Ajay kills many notorious gangsters and finally Nayak, who is also his father's tormentor, is eliminated with others.

As earlier said, Mahesh Babu's performance and style quotient is the main attraction. Samantha Prabhu has little to offer in terms of performance, but looks good in song sequences. Sonu Sood is becoming quite repetitive in villain's roles.

The veterans comedy is top class. Parvathy Melton excels in the item song. Vennela Kishor Mahesh Babu's side kick is impressive.

K.V. Guhan's top class cinematography captures the scenic richness of Turkey as well as Mumbai and many other outdoor spots. The title song and "Guruvaram" are well shot and composed.

Dookudu is a treat for Mahesh's fans. But others can also enjoy this film for its comedy elements and Mahesh's powerful presence.

V.S. Rajapur