Delhi Safari Hindi Movie Review

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Delhi Safary is a funny and enjoyable ride that leaves you with a strong message not only for the kids but for one and all.
Oct 19, 2012 By Mansha Rastogi

In the present state of animation films where animation only revolves around mythology it's a plight to see a film like Delhi Safary that goes beyond mythology struggle for 5 long years to see the light of the day. The film finally makes it to the theaters and we give you an insight of what this film is all about.

Delhi Safary is the story of a young cub Yuvi from Mumbai's Sanjay Gandhi National Park who is distraught and depressed over his father Sultan's death by the builder who is razing the forest in order to build sky scrapers. Thus starts the journey of a cub, his mother leopard, a monkey, a bear and a parrot for justice. They decide to take on the builder by going to New Delhi and protest in front of the parliament in the presence of the media. And it is their journey in train from Mumbai to Delhi via various stops and adventures in between that makes for the entire story.

Delhi Safary isn't amongst the various small time animation films that make it to the theaters for a week or two and straight enter the satellite shows. This film has all its ingrediants to make for a good theater watch. Nikhil Advani makes sure that the film doesn't get preachy at all by adding enough humour quotient in it. Although the film does tread on predictable path quite a lot of times, it's the humour and entertainment in the script that keeps the audience hooked to their seats.

The biggest strengths of Nikhil Advani is his characters in Delhi Safary. The filmmaker chooses renowned filmmakers to dub to the animals in the film and literally breathe life into the characters. There are film stars like Suneil Shetty, Boman Irani, Urmila Matondar, Govinda and Akshaye Khanna in the film. While Suneil Shetty plays the senior leopard Sultan, Urmila plays the doting yet determined mother leopard, Boman Irani dubs for the bear Bagga while Akshaye Khanna plays the multi-lingual parrot Alex. However, the character that deserves a big round of applause is that of Bajrangi dubbed by Govinda. He forms the biggest highpoint of entertainment in the film. Govinda fuses all his humour, wit and entertainment into the character making for a pleasure watch.

The only thing that works against the film is the usage of songs. They don't add any value to the film and only act as deterrent to the proceedings, especially the song in the Kutch part which is completely pointless and boring.

To sum it up, Delhi Safary is a funny and enjoyable ride that leaves you with a strong message not only for the kids but for one and all. A definite watch.

Mansha Rastogi