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Feature Film | 2011
'Shyloo' not as good as original, but watchable
Dec 11, 2011 By V.S. Rajapur


Remaking movies is a not an easy affair as it needs a lot of research and creativity. But producer K. Manju loves remaking films and this time he chose Tamil film "Mynaa" for a Kannada remake and signed S. Narayan, who also specialises in remaking, to direct it. The film's lead actor Ganesh is also not averse to remakes as he has delivered two big hits "Chellata" and "Cheluvina Chiththara", which were remakes.

Unfortunately the team of three remake experts does not have a desired results as "Shyloo" is an unappropriate subject for a remake. "Mynaa" had some over the top emotional sequences, but Kannada audiences look for subtle emotions in the narrative therefore the film doesn't live up to their expectations.


"Mynaa" is remade as "Shyloo" with some cosmetic changes in the script and the climax is too violent and loud.

The scene where the hero beats up his parents to prove is love for his girl doesn't go down well with the moviegoeres.

But the positive side of the film is that performances of lead artists Ganesh and Bhama as well as talented Rangayana Raghu salvages the film to some extent. Some of the sequences are touchy. Jagadish Waali's cinematography is another plus point, though the same cannot be said for Jessie Gift's music.

Unfortunately S. Narayan couldn't draft "Shyloo" as a stark and realistic film like "Mynaa" and the dialogues make little impact.

Set in a village, the film tells the story of Manja, a lovable guy who is in love with Shyloo from his childhood days and virtually brings her up sacrificing his personal comforts.

Shyloo's mother conceded that Manja is a good match for her daughter, but the story takes an unexpected turn when Shyloo's marriage try to marry her off to a rich villager. Both Manja and Shyloo protest and things go out of hand and Manja ends up beating Shyloo's mother who files a police complaint against him.

Manja is arrested and sent to jail. Just a day before his release, Manja runs away from the prison to stop Shyloo's forcible marriage. Meanwhile the jail superintendent tries to catch Manja and thus starts a long cat and mouse game.

Ganesh has done a great job as Manja. He is exceptional in the scene where he shows his feelings for Shyloo. Bhama is another talented actress who has done her best in the title role.

Rangayana Raghu is top class as a police constable. Raghu is proving to be an


asset for the Kannada film industry. Suchayeendra Prasad is also effective.

Munar has been well captured by Jagadish Waali. The title song is catchy and well-picturised.

"Shyloo" is a well performed film with some touching sequences, but it it is not as good as the original "Mynaa".

V.S. Rajapur