Vellore Mavattam Review

Oct 9, 2011 By PGV

Zillion Films' 'Vellore Maavattam' is an action film without much of violence and gore. Upright cops try to take on a corrupt bureaucracy and unscrupulous politicians but without much success.

Nanda plays the role of a policeman for the first time. Though not experienced, he does a splendid job. Maintaining a low profile, he talks less and lets his eyes and body play out the character. Still he falls short of expectations in some scenes where he could have done better.

Pairing opposite him is Poorna who returns after a while. Her last film was 'Drohi'. Her performance in VM is quite apt to the role. In fact, she, Nanda and G.M. Kumar are the fulcrum of the film.

An IPS officer, Muthukumar (Nanda) joins the National Police Academy in New Delhi with his own aspirations and dreams. But he is soon disillusioned and faces the reality. He is posted to Vellore in Tamil Nadu. He is saddened by the fact that sycophancy is ruling the roost. Ministers and even his foot soldiers are surrounded by sycophants who carry the day. The common man is left helpless. Seeing what is ailing the society, Muthukumar, the IPS, takes upon himself the task of eradicating the parasites in society -- in his own way and own time.

Of course, compulsions of commercial cinema are evident. There is an item number which is not only crude but out of place. The director, RNR Manohar, took care to keep up the pace. The narration is neat. Though all the ingredients are just in proportion, one feels what is lacking is finesse.

Santhanam plays the ASP, but for the sack of comedy he is not able to do full justice to his role. One scene is his hurtling down an alley, which robs his role of seriousness. The director could have used him as the role demanded.

S. Neelakantan, is the minister who is the personification of villainy, He looks natural in the role.

Sundar C. Babu's songs do not make any ripples.

In his endeavor to project Nanda as a dedicated police officer who one expects to see in real life, Director Neelakanthan has missed out on some finer aspects with the result the film is rendered tame, though sober. The helplessness of the hero in tackling the baddies is made quite understandable.

Zillion Films' 'Vellore Maavattam' is an action film without much of violence and gore.
Rating: 5 / 10