Kasethan Kadavulada Review

Not long after the release of the attempted heist film Mankatha, we have a comic caper triggered by an ensemble cast of comedians - Karunas, Sathyan, Pandiarajan, Manobala, lollu sabha jeeva, singamuthu and Mayilsaamy. At a script level, Kasedhan Kadavulada had potential. The eagerness with which the film has been made is apparent. It isn't an ardent desire; but an impatient longing. Director Thirumalai couldn't wait to see his film on screen which is why the execution is dull and straightforward. I don't remember the camera ever being moved except during the song-dance sequences nor do I think there were any retakes done.

The lead characters of the film are a gang of youths (three boys and a girl) that cons the rich and lets the poor reap the benefits of it. We're introduced to them by the first con act, where they pull a gag on a sex starved married man. The four of them don the roles of prostitute, her husband, her pimp and an honest policeman. The cop raids the house and finds the two of them supposedly fighting over something. In his hour of need, she plays the wife and leaves for her mother's house along with 'her' jewelry and clothes. This is what these people do for a living.

Their real test comes when a landlord walks in giving the inhabitants of a slum, a three month notice to evacuate the neighborhood. Being the heroes that they believe they are, they bring it upon themselves to pay him a sum of four crores. This is where it begins and this is where it is likely to end. How it happens, you'll have to see for yourselves. What you can expect though is a huge bounty changing hands repeatedly. Of course, it's entirely circumstantial but it does have substantial logic.

The comedians don't embody the characters; it is the characters that embody the comedians. There is not the slightest evidence of characterization. Every member of the cast is put in a 'funny' situation and asked to be funny. The script is a mixture of new and borrowed ideas. Had there been more focus on telling the story instead of showcasing the comedians' comic ability, it would've…. no, could've worked. Right now, it is merely a passing phase in Kollywood. It has come. And it will go without leaving its mark.

Kasedhan Kadavulada is merely a passing phase in Kollywood. It has come. And it will go without leaving its mark. Rating: 2 - Rohit Ramachandran