Be-Careful Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | Drama
A one line remark can sum up the entire film. Be Careful of Be Careful.
Oct 20, 2011 By Swati Rohatgi

Five things you must NOT do while making a feature film:

1 - Have a story that has been done to death

2 - Hire amateur technicians

3 - Have actors who cannot do anything other than ham

4 - Have unskilled screenplay, dialogue and script writers

5 - And last but not the least, have a director who plans to get all the above mentioned points together!

When a film producer finalizes on the release date of his movie, there's a whole of thinking that goes behind it. But when it comes to Filmmakers in the Hindi Film industry, you can always expect their calculations to go awry. How else can you justify the fact that there were as many as 5 films last week namely Jo Dooba So Paar, Mod, Azaan, My Friend Pinto and Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge. And this week have a feebly promoted, dismal film Be Careful pompously making its way to the cinema halls as the solo release! Would this do any good to Be Careful or not remains to be seen.

Sameer a.k.a (Rajneesh Duggal) and Anand a.k.a Andy (Zaid Shaikh) are two married men who keep straying from their marriage whenever they see a beautiful girl. Their wives hound them like sniffer dogs and make their lives miserable in order to bring them back on track. The way they turn into doting husbands all over again is what follows through the rest of the plot.

There are good films, bad films, worse films and then there is Be Careful. In fact with a title such as this, what more can a review say? One of the trashiest versions of Masti, No Entry and all other films on cheating husbands, Be Careful has all the pointers one should avoid while making a film.

Filmmaker Chandrakant Singh who last made another mindless slapstick Bin Bulaye Baarati, this time around too shows no improvement in filmmaking style whatsoever. He once again ropes in actors who hams beyond belief and rip the film to shards. Right from the start, each and every scene appears rushed and half done with no establishment of the characters, script and plot.

Neither does Chadrakant fully establish the flamboyant nature of the actors, the reasons for them to cheat on their wives, the possessive nature of their wives or even their backgrounds. Moreover, right from the first scene itself viewers are reduced to fault findings as there are so many flaws in your faces. For example, the first introductory scene of Rajneesh Duggal itself has his dialogues completely out of sync. Then there are scenes where you can hear the echo in the dialogues capturing the ambience while the scene may have been shot. There definitely may not have any post production lab work done in this.

The colour of the wig keeps changing within scenes, the length of the hair keeps going uneven from long to short or vice versa. Easily discoverable continuity flaws.

A one line remark can sum up the entire film. Be Careful of Be Careful.

Swati Rohatgi