Pilla Zamindar Telugu Movie Review

Feature Film
'Pilla Zamindar' is a mundane effort that lacks excitement
Oct 15, 2011 By Haricharan Pudipeddi

Nani, after stupendous success of 'Ala Modalaindi' has created an image for himself that has completely taken him to new level. He has proved his mettle in a short span of time by showing keen appreciation towards variety in roles and scripts as well. Let's see whether his formula worked in his recent release 'Pilla Zamindar', which apparently is a frame-to-frame copy of a Korean film 'Millionaire's First Love'.

The film takes the relationship between a grandfather and his grandson to a new level. With a not so exciting story line, Pilla Zamindar brings forth a story of Nagineedu, a rich Zamindar whose son marries a girl against his wishes. As a result, he is deprived of the family property. However, when Nagineedu's son and daughter-in-law pass away in an accident, he realizes his mistake. With a grandson in his custody, Nagineedu in an effort to keep his grandson away from the path of his father, he frames a will that specifically mentions that Nani will only inherit the property after satisfying certain conditions. What are the conditions? Does Nani succeed in satisfying them or not forms the rest of the story?

The film fails to bring anything worthy or breathtaking to the table. You may wonder if the story is old-fashioned then how the film succeeded in its original version. The answer is: the devil lies in the details. Yes, there was lot of hard work that had gone in to present the film in the original version but none whatsoever in the native version. Also, from a Korean cinema's perspective, the attempt was new and completely different from other Korean films. However, in Telugu we have seen myriad films along the similar story line the past and this one was hardly different at all.

Nani definitely lived up to the expectation he had set for himself. He brought forth novelty in acting with his 'I-don't-care' attitude and rebellion spirit. And the audience certainly seems to have appreciated his effort. Haripriya, in her lengthy role and Bindu Madhavi in her brief appearance provide adequate oomph quotient to the film, but eventually fail to add any value to the film. M.S Narayana was not used wisely by the director, as he was seen playing a serious that neither suited him nor his image.

The director could've definitely done better than what he managed to deliver. The narration of the film went haywire along the way and due to which the story turned boring and preachy. Originally, the film was all about family values, bonding and how one has to adhere to certain values to keep a family happy.

Haricharan Pudipeddi