Oh My Friend Telugu Movie Review

Feature Film
'OMF' takes friendship to all new level and gives it a touch of freshness
Nov 14, 2011 By Haricharan Pudipeddi

Siddharth and Shruti Hassan come together for the first time in 'Oh My Friend', a film that succeeds in spite of an uninspiring plot. Revolving around a simple story that solely relies on friendship, OMF goes an extra mile to showcase friendship in all new level. Let's see whether OMF actually deserves any appreciation at all.

Two childhood friends, Chandu and Siri, meet after a long hiatus. Chandu returns from Bombay, having learnt music instead of MBA, which makes his father worry about his prospective career. Siri steps in and takes control over the situation by reassuring Chandu's father that until his son doesn't become successful and earn a livelihood, she won't quit. In the process, Siri and Chandu rekindle their long forgotten friendship and take it all new level. However, troubles begin to crop up when Chandu deliberately distant himself from Siri, in order to get close to Ritu, his intermediate classmate with whom he is crazily in love with. What follows is how Chandu and Siri handle their friendship amidst their fiancés, who have different opinion about the relationship that these two share.

'OMF' is entertaining for most part. The director shows maturity in handling the script and the whole team deserves appreciation for successful execution. However, one disappointing part is that the film failed to generate momentum like films such as 'Bommarillu' or any other film for that matter in similar genre. At some point, OMF makes you feel- ok, I'm enjoying the film, but, does the film really have a sensible message?

Performances were worth talking about a little. Shruti, as Siri conveys poise and distinctively matured role that has its share of cuteness. Next in line is Sid, in a role that he is best at playing, re-invents himself and gives everybody reminiscing moments of his past films. Hansika and Navdeep sync in their roles without overdoing. Shruti and Sid, put together bring out a subtle performance that is definitely worth mentioning.

Dialogues serve as appetizer for this film, as they increase appetite and generate interest throughout. They weren't hard-hitting but definitely charming in a way. Direction is worth mentioning, at least for the fact that the director tried to portray not-the-usual love story, but instead a film with special highlight on friendship. Music by Mani Sharma is neat, if not extraordinary. There was more expected of him, but under delivered.

Haricharan Pudipeddi