Nandeeswarudu Telugu Movie Review

Feature Film
'Nandiswarudu' is kind of film you should stay away from. It is one among those films that you wouldn't think about even when you're dead drunk.
Jan 16, 2012 By Haricharan Pudipeddi

Sporting the look of a tough guy, Nandamuri Tarakaratna returns to silver after a gap of two years in his new avatar called 'Nandiswarudu'. The film that was supposed to help Tarak regain his lost image further worsens his image and gives him the shock of his life. If there were a category to sort films called 'burn it', this film will top that list undoubtedly.

Nandu is an aspiring officer from a highly respectable family, who clashes head on with Ajay, a dreaded goon and in the process ends up in jail. Nandu returns as Nandiswarudu and starts his own system of governance, dictating punishment to the wrongdoers. Meanwhile, the government appoints a tough cop Eshwar Prasad to keep a close eye on Nandiswarudu. However, the latter is backed by the enormous support of the public. What happens between Nandu and Eshwar forms the climax?

The film is a cheap lift-off from a Kannada films called 'Deadly Soma' and very much like other remake films, 'Nandiswarudu' also tweaks the plot a bit and presents it. The director couldn't make a difference in spite of the fact that he had the original version already to compare with. His handling of the script was weak and aimless. Although the film managed to maintain pace in the film, the emotional angle seem to have been missed out completely. Excessive violence in the film is not just disgusting but clichéd. The plot is inundated with so many loose ends that the director failed to identify and tie together.

Tarak does a decent job but because of a lackluster script his effort goes in vain. Sheena as Tarak's lady love did her part of the role brilliantly; not acting but flaunting skin guiltlessly. Another big let down in the film is Tarak's attempt to imitate his uncle, which made him appear not only artificial but irksome at the same time. Direction, screenplay and cinematography are just not worth talking about. They're so much flawed.

Overall, the film is such a waste of time. Out of the three films released this 'Sankranthi'; 'Nandiswarudu' tops the list as the worst film of all.

Haricharan Pudipeddi