Zindagi 50-50 Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film
Zindagi 50-50 in short can suck the life out of you. Best avoided.
  Below Average
May 24, 2013 By Mansha Rastogi

Except for the hype of having the Pakistani actress Veena Malik starring in it that too in her extremely bold avatar, Rajiv S Ruia's Zindagi 50-50 doesn't really have much to offer. However, if you still decide to give this film a watch, we give you an inside dope on what the movie is all about.

Rupa (Supriya Kumar) is a homemaker married to a rickshaw driver. She hates living in the chawls and yearns for a bigger and better flat. Her husband Birju (Rajan Verma) applies in the housing development project but the file gets stuck in the hands of a depraved officer who would only approve the flat if she gives herself to him.

Madhuri (Veena Malik), a prostitute not by choice but helplessness, hates her profession but succumbs to her owing to her needs till she eventually realizes the futility of her needs and decides to give it all up.

Naina (Riya Sen), a junior artist, aims to be a superstar one day however her dreams shatter as soon as she realizes that she cannot climb the ladder of success without the traditional "compromise".

Filmmaker Rajiv S Ruia's Zindagi 50-50 may boast of being a gritty take on life, desires, needs and ambitions and the price one has to pay to fulfill those dreams etc. however, instead the film turns out to be a ghastly display of crudeness and coarseness.

Right from the very first scene of a fight between two passengers and a rickshaw driver till the last, the film appears extremely fragmented with no connection between one scene to the other or the requirement of certain scenes in the film.

The first half has the film meandering pointlessly. While the story does build up in the second, it's the tawdry manner in which its shot and the crudity in the dialogues that make it impossible to sit through the entire film. Zindagi 50-50 is full of double meaning gestures and dialogues also the expletives are used abundantly and only appear to be forced. There are also quite a few intimate scenes which appear nothing but repulsive.

To add to the grief you have horrid music, badly orchestrated background score and appalling performances. Rajan Verma who doesn't even have any importance in the film gets ample footage and he doesn't miss a minute to annoy you. TV actress Supriya Kumar is another sore point of the film who only repeats her dialogues in the film and yells at unbearable decibel levels.

Despite having done a few films, Riya Sen clearly showcases that she is beyond repair. Not only the badly dubbed dialogues but also her incompetent acting skills render her portions very mediocre. Aarya Babbar who features alongside Riya Sen in the film too does a shoddy job at acting. Veena Malik who plays the prostitute goes dare-bare and bold but that doesn't help much in her acting prowess for the actress hams throughout the film. Character actors Murli Sharma and Rajpal Yadav remain the best of the lot in the film.

Zindagi 50-50 in short can suck the life out of you. Best avoided.

  Below Average
Mansha Rastogi