Bittoo Boss Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | Comedy
Bittoo Boss works only for Pulkit Samrat and nothing else. The film is unentertaining and uninspiring.
Apr 13, 2012 By Mansha Rastogi

If not anything else, Band Baaja Baaraat has given Hindi cinema two big things - Ranveer Singh and Weddings. And the aftermaths of that can still be seen on celluloid. Almost two years later, a film dealing with similar subject and starring an almost similar looking hero graces the cinema halls this week. Having had dismal publicity and absolutely zilch pre-release buzz, it only remains to be seen whether this film does please the mass or not.

Bittoo Boss revolves around a videographer obviously named Bittoo (Pulkit Samrat) who is a rage in the wedding scenario of Anandpur, a small town in Punjab. Though he aims to become a filmmaker but shoots weddings too with great pride. Bittoo falls in love with a rich girl Mrinalini (Amita Pathak) who does like him but doesn't want to fall for a guy who doesn't match her social status. Smitten by Mrinalini, how Bittoo opts for an untowardly shortcut and how he gets out of it follows through the rest of the plot.

The film should've gotten titled Bittoo Punjabi instead of Bittoo Boss as almost 90 per cent of the dialogues are in Punjabi. Maybe, the filmmaker considered Punjabi to be a universal language.

Directed by Supavrita Babul, Bittoo Boss is a sheer case of good film gone badly. Though there wasn't anything avant-garde about the storyline, it still had the scope of turning into a pleasant watch. After all, a little bit of romance, a little naach-gaana, colourful wedding scenes, happy-smiling faces can be contagious to some extent. And so happens at least in the first half which does have some merit to it. However, it's the second half that goes haywire from the word go and never falls in place till the end.

The entire porn film angle is executed haphazardly and the way the film culminates to its climax is completely illogical too. Even on the romance front, the chemistry between the lead pair appears flawed. Amita Pathak only makes her entry and exit time and again from the film and doesn't offer much to the story. Pulkit Samrat on the other hand does a brilliant job. He portrays every emotion earnestly and it is sad to see his talent getting wasted in a flawed film. Music by Raghav Sachar is average at best.

Over all, Bittoo Boss works only for Pulkit Samrat and nothing else. The film is unentertaining and uninspiring.

Mansha Rastogi