Mayamohini Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2012
It's a bloated and lazily plotted film that should work for you, if you are in the mood for some gender-bending jokes and slapstick fun.
Apr 8, 2012 By Veeyen

In Jose Thomas' 'Mayamohini', Balakrishnan (Biju Menon) is advised by bosom pal Lekshmi (Baburaj) that it shouldn't be that big a concern, to present a young girl as his bride before the senior members of his family, since they could always get a theater artiste or a film actress to do the role. The idea is to get them transfer the properties on to Balu's name, having convinced them that he has tied the knot, and is moving the family way. Balu agrees, and the wait for the woman starts.

When the car door opens and out walks a stunning female we remain as open mouthed as the four men standing before her. Mohini is a stunner no doubt, and with all the curves right in place, this is probably one of the best makeovers into womanhood that a man has had in Malayalam films.

Mohini lives up to her name, and she's the ultimate seductress. She presses herself close against unsuspecting men, flirts uninhibitedly with almost anything that looks male, and enjoys all the attention that she garners in the process. She flaunts her charms without reserve and very soon the men around her find her having encroached their dreams.

Perhaps it isn't fair to expect much of a story, as is the case of almost all other Siby K Thomas - Udaykrishna flicks, and the writer duo doesn't throw any surprises on our face, this time either. There is a central idea, that is expected to rake up some laughter, and the entire film of about three hours is built around it painfully.

I say painfully because the last half an hour of the film is indeed a real pain. Shorn of the female attributes, Dileep dons another wig (?), this time as a man, and goes hunting for the villains. It isn't half as interesting as to what Mohini has been up to, and I share the sentiments of a close friend who's watching the film in another hall, and who texts me, "Why isn't this ending?"

There is plenty of humor involving Mohini in the film, but if it remains to your taste is a huge question. Double entendres abound in profusion, and the jokes are mostly adult. Men seem to have literally gone nuts over Mohini's presence, and with so many lecherous, sex-starved men roaming around, the happenings cannot be that sane anyway.

However, I'm yet to come across a film in which a bus horn has been put to more imaginative use. There is some sheer symbolism at work here, that should spell bind you, no doubt. Yes, I'm being sarcastic, and I would rather not divulge any more details.

Dileep is the only reason why you should watch 'Mayamohini', and I guess at least for some of you, he's more than enough reason. He delivers a rock star performance as Mohini, and I would never be able to imagine another actor in his place. There also needs to be a special mention of Roshan N G, the makeup artiste, who has crafted Mohini the way she looks on screen - gorgeous!

I doubt if 'Mayamohini' is in any way going to contribute to comedic posterity. Perhaps there never was an intention to do so either. It's a bloated and lazily plotted film that should work for you, if you are in the mood for some gender-bending jokes and slapstick fun.