Jism 2 Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | A | Crime, Drama, Mystery
Jism 2 despite a cliched storyline could've worked wonders had it been written intelligently and executed with finesse. In its present state it comes across as a disappointing fare.
Aug 3, 2012 By Mansha Rastogi

If there's one thing that this film has been in the talks for it's Sunny Leone. Ever since the news of the famed porn star making her foray into Hindi films with Jism 2 came out, the film has been hitting the headlines garnering enough buzz around it. Even the sizzling promos of the film have given a glimpse of what to look out for in this Adult film. Whether it meets the expectations or not let's find out.

Izna (Sunny Leone), a porn star, on one drunken and depressed night picks up a guy from her hotel and makes out with him only to wake up to the revelation of him being an Intelligence Bureau Officer Ayaan (Arunoday Singh). Along with his senior Guru Saldanah (Arif Zakaria) Ayaan offers her a proposal to extract important data from a cop turned rogue Kabir (Randeep Hooda) in return of Ten Crore rupees. One look at Kabir and it becomes Izna's personal vendetta too as we are taken to the backstory of her roaring love affair with him. Whether her love reignites on meeting Kabir or whether she wooes him again only to extract the data follows through the rest of the plot.

Actor turned filmmaker Pooja Bhatt hasn't quite proven her mettle for being the worthy heir apparent of her father Mahesh Bhatt's filmmaking legacy as her films haven't quite worked among the masses till now. Her last directorial venture Kajraare too had run into conflicts between producers hence released in a miserable state and wasn't quite received well even by those few who saw it.

With Jism 2 she resurrects a very controversial yet successful brand. Back in 2003, the Bipasha Basu and John Abraham starrer Jism had created a furore among masses and had worked well too. However, in Jism 2, except for the adult quotient remaining the same, the story takes a complete spin. Jism 2 starts off with a steamy love making sequence giving you a sneak-peak of what more shall follow in the rest of the plot. However, the film fizzles out even before it takes off.

The story line comes across as very hackneyed with no novelty and gives one ample glimpses of Vishesh Film's Gangster itself, especially in the last sequence. Moreover, the story drags at snail's pace and songs only come as fillers as if to only make for a decent run time as the film proceeds from one scene to another with no proper built up whatsoever. Even on the adult content quotient, what you see in the promos is what you get in the film too. There are barely a few kisses here and there and some explicit scenes, however nothing worthy of fracas that has been created based on the promos of the film.

One of the biggest sore points of the film are the lackluster and insipid dialogues. Not only do they come across as archaic but given the setting of the present times and the boldness quotient in the film they appear very incongruous hence outrageously funny too. For example - Us jaanwar ko apne dil mein paala tha usne, she knows him best. Terrorist ko maarna punya hai.

On the acting front, Sunny Leone does come across as an actress with great potential. In Jism 2 however, she gets reduced to only heaving as if her character were Asthmatic or mouthing jaded dialogues. Arunoday Singh is big enough to fill up the entire screen however for all his hulk demeanor, his character doesn't get etched out perfectly. Randeep Hooda remains the best of the lot and plays his part with ease. Though the plague of horrendous dialogues doesn't spare him too.

Music by Arko Pravo Mukherjee is not pleasant to the ears and the songs abruptly enter the film ruining the experience of the songs even more.

To sum it up, Jism 2 despite a cliched storyline could've worked wonders had it been written intelligently and executed with finesse. In its present state it comes across as a disappointing fare.

Mansha Rastogi