'I will not act in any commercials', Sivakarthikeyan

Dec 5, 2017 JB

The grand audio release of Sivakarthikeyan starrer Mohan Raja directorial Velaikkaran happened recently. Anirudh has scored the music for the film and the single ‘Karuthavan Dhaan” and “Iraiva” have reached the audience well.

Talking at the audio launch event, Sivakarthikeyan said that he has decided not to act in any commercials from now on but he did not give a proper reason for the same.

He said, “I want to follow what I speak on screen. I’ve endorsed products in the past. But not anymore! I don’t want to impact people in a negative manner. Children blindly believe and follow cine artists’ endorsements which sometimes have adverse repercussions. Mohan Raja sir has kept a similar sequence in the film and when it was shot, I was moved by it and my eyes were filled with tears. I noticed the entire team, who were there during the shooting, in a similar state of mind. I realized that ‘reality bites’ and hence came to this conclusion.” Click the Movie button below for more info:

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