'We are no way connected to the issue', Rajamouli

Apr 17, 2017 JB

Baahubali 2 will be hitting the screens on the 28th April all over but in Karnataka there are protests that the film should not be released as one of the cast Sathyaraj had spoken ill of Kannadigas nine years ago in a protest meet for Cauvery waters in Tamil Nadu.

Reacting to this in a video, Rajamouli states, “The saddest thing is that people think that the issue is recent. But, Sathyaraj made those comments nine years ago. We are not fluent in Tamil, so we can’t understand Sathyaraj’s comments or the objection of Kannadigas. So many of Sathyaraj’s films including Baahubali 1 released in these nine years and there were no objections from their side. This is out of the blue.

It is a sensitive issue and we are in no way connected to it. We don’t know if our voice would pacify the problem or not. At present, we are in a confused state. Sathyaraj is not the director or producer of Baahubali and to stop the release of a film citing his comments is not the right thing to do.” Producer Shobu said, “It doesn’t affect Sathyaraj in any way. If at all it affects, it is the film that falls into the trap and not the actor”. Click the Movie button below for more info:
Baahubali: The Conclusion


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