'Annadurai is like second homecoming for me', Vijay Antony

Nov 30, 2017 JB

Actor/Music director and now also an editor Vijay Antony’s Annadurai is hitting the screens this week. Vijay Antony is playing dual roles in the film directed by Srinivasan. Diana Champika and Mahima have played Vijay Antony’s pairs in the movie

Speaking about ‘Annadurai’ Vijay Antony says, “I am proud to have got such a powerful title for this movie. I am firm believer of solid content. When I heard this script from director Srinivasan, I was very particular in latching on to it. The story and the screenplay are so interestingly drafted by the director.

This movie is like a second home coming for me because Radhikaa madam was the one who gave me the first opportunity and made me a music director. Now she has co-produced ‘Annadurai’. I am here because of a lot of people’s genuine wishes and encouragement. This is the first time I have taken up three responsibilities of three departments, music direction, acting and editing. I really hope my sincere efforts will be appreciated by Tamil cinema audience”.

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