'I was mesmerized when I saw the 1st shot', Rajinikanth

Oct 9, 2017 JB

The unit of Superstar Rajinikanth and Shankar’s magnum opus 2.0 had released a new making video of the film on Saturday, the 7th October. The film has been shot using the latest 3D technology cameras directly, to provide the audience the best visual experience possible.

Director Shankar in the video released said, “What 2.0 aspires to do is try to inspire more creators to engage with the medium”. Superstar Rajinikanth stated, “I was mesmerized when I saw the first shot in 3D on the screen. I was repeatedly watching it.” The film’s cinematographer Nirav Shah, Akshay Kumar and film’s lead stereographer Ray Hannisan also spoke about the effort that goes into shooting a 3D movie and the effect it will have.

Made on a lavish budget of around Rs 400 crore, 2.0 is touted to be Asia’s costliest movie to be made and is produced by Lyca Productions. The music for the movie is composed by Mozart of Madras AR Rahman. Click the Movie button below for more info:

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