'I will not return my awards', Prakash Raj

Oct 3, 2017 JB

Director/actor/producer Prakash Raj, in a state conference of CPM’s Youth wing in Bengaluru recently had criticized the central government and also the Prime Minister for his silence on trolls on people who criticized journalist Gauri Lankesh’s murder.

He said, “I haven't heard such bad language in all my life, that the trolls are using against me on Twitter and Facebook. It is astonishing that these people are being followed by the Prime Minister, and the PM is silent about it".

His talks have been perceived in such a way that he was returning his National Awards. To this, Prakash Raj, in a video statement said, “I am not so dumb to return the awards given in recognition of my talent and hard work. The reports saying I offered to return the awards are baseless".

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