'1000' getting ready

Jan 18, 2015 NR

‘1000’ featuring Bharath, Mukesh, Maqbool Salman, and Biyon in the lead roles is getting ready for release. The movie is the debut directorial venture of A R C Nair.

Ashish Arman, Shammi Thilakan, Ganesh Kumar, Santhosh Keezhattoor, Kumarakom Reghunath, Reghendu, Lima Babu, Nishi Govind, Anju Arvind, Kalaranjini, Santhakumari, and Saritha Balakrishnan also include the cast.

‘1000’ narrates the interesting story of a Rs 1000 note which passes through the hands of various people, from the view point of the note.

In the banner of In Film Movie Makers, ‘1000’ is produced by Nishi Govind. Rajesh Mohan composes music for the lines by Rajiv Alunkal.

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