'Proud to be a part of 2 States': Alia Bhatt

Apr 1, 2014 NR

Alia Bhatt is on a roll after the success of 'Student of the Year' and 'Highway'. Her acting in 'Highway' has got rave reviews and she is back with another promising movie - '2 States', which is the adaption of Chetan Bhagat’s bestselling novel by the same name. Here Alia talks about her role in '2 States' and comparisons to Kareena Kapoor.

What was it like working with Arjun Kapoor for 2 States?

It was such a blessing. I have nothing but respect for Arjun, and I really consider him one of my closest friends. He’s a very funny person, with a great sense of humour, and has always made me feel so comfortable on set. I’m sure it’s a friendship that we will carry for a long time.

You two have been linked together on several occasions. How does it feel when the press start speculating about your relationship?

It doesn’t really bother me. It comes with the territory, I guess. What I will say is that I like to keep my personal life private, so most of the time it is just speculation from the media. My main concern is that stories and speculation regarding my personal life never impact or hinder my career as an actress.

What drew you to 2 States?

I was a huge fan of Chetan Bhagat’s bestselling novel, of the same name, and remember reading it when I was shooting ‘Student of the Year’. I thought it was a beautiful book, and I’m very proud to be a part of the movie.

How do you feel about comparisons to Kareena Kapoor?

I consider them very flattering, as I am such a big fan of hers, but I think there’s only one Kareena Kapoor out there. She’s managed to carve a wonderful career for herself, like numerous other actresses I respect and admire, and I hope to be able to do the same in the future. I like to think I have my own style though, and I think it’s always important to carve out your own niche in the industry.

You’re very careful about the projects you pick. What are you looking for in a role?

There are a lot of things that can draw me to a script. As an actor, I’m always looking for diversity and want to make sure that I avoid being stereotyped. When I had my debut in ‘Student of the Year’, people immediately assumed that I would always be playing the baby-doll, diva kind of characters. ‘Highway’ was a totally different kind of role and not at all what anyone was expecting, and I hope people will continue to see my versatility as an actress with the release of 2 States.

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