A biopic on Rajinikanth

Aug 10, 2016 JB

Superstar Rajinikanth is such a popular name and figure and his life has been an inspirational one to many. His is a perfect story of rags to riches. Rajini started as a bus conductor in his initial years and with sheer hard work and passion for his profession, has risen so high in his career and also in people’s minds.

As per reports, his life will be made into a film. His second daughter Soundarya has revealed that her sister Aishwarya is writing a book and that the story would be taken from there.

Soundarya also has revealed that the idea to make a biopic on her dad has been there for a while in the family. She elaborates, “The film will focus on well-known facts from my dad’s life and also undisclosed aspects of his life. There are certain areas of his life that no one knows about. We want to put those in the film as well. As a daughter and a devoted fan, I love watching him on screen and I'm sure we'd love to see a film on him!" Click the Movie button below for more info:

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