A R Rahman updates about his film 99

Oct 19, 2017 JB

Oscar winner AR Rahman’s film 99 which has been in the production for some time, has a new update given out by the maestro himself in his social media page.

He mentions, “Dear Music Fans & Well-Wishers, Many of you are keen to know about 99 Songs and how the film is progressing.. So here we go…

For the past couple of years, we have taken the time necessary to hold around a 1000 auditions so that we could find the right boy and girl. I think we have found those special people who have brought freshness and talent to the screen. The main actors have been trained for over a year at the KM Music Conservatory where they've learned to play the musical instruments needed for their roles. They have also attended exclusive acting workshops in Hollywood.

This year we started filming in India and have just finished a long shooting schedule in Ukraine...We are almost there..

Soon we're getting ready to release the music album (It’s been 4 years in the making). Everyone at Y M Movies, Ideal Entertainment and director Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy are super excited to bring you this musical movie experience called 99 Songs.

The question I'm always asked: “Are there 99 songs in the movie?” Hmmm… The album will have 10 or 12 tracks that I hope you like... In the meantime, enjoy the Festival of Lights and hope the New Year brings peace and happiness to us all”

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