Aagam team's tribute to Abdul Kalam

Oct 1, 2015 JB

Aagam team is planning to depict a song as a tribute to Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam on the basis of his values and inspiration quotes.

The director of the film Dr Sriram says “We are aware that many films have announced about tribute to Dr.APJ. The reason we still are proceeding with it because it was not planned after the unfortunate demise of Kalamji but was an earlier plan when I started scripting for Aagam”.

“My team and I decided to dedicate a song for Kalam sir and we had plans to make Kalam sir to launch the songs. Unfortunately, we lost him yet we are still continuing with the plan and we have plans of launching the song on his birthday which would be a memorable one. Basically, our film will be depicting the current education scenario and the scam which prevails in it” Click the Movie button below for more info:


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