'Aakasha Ganga' to Tamil; Lakshmi Menon as Yakshi

Nov 1, 2014 NR

Vinayan’s 1999 horror movie ‘Aakasha Ganga’ is being remade in Tamil. The Tamil film is also directed by Vinayan and Lakshmi Menon will play the role of the Yakshi in the movie.

Late actress Mayoori did the role of the Yakshi in Malayalam. Mukesh, Divya Unni, and Madhupal did the other important roles in ‘Aakasha Ganga’.

The title and the other cast details of the Tamil movie are not yet decided.

Lakshmi Menon made her film debut through Vinayan’s ‘Reghuvinte Swantham Raziya’. Then she became busy in the Tamil industry. Though she recently did the Malayalam movie ‘Avatharam’, the film did not click.

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