Aamir challenged to put the transistor down!

Oct 1, 2014 NR

Hrithik Roshan dares Aamir Khan to "PUT THE TRANSISTOR DOWN!!" as a part of his innovative 'bang-bang-dare' promotional strategy.

In the first look poster of Aamir’s forthcoming film “PK", the actor posed nude with a strategically placed transistor. And now, Hrithik has challenged the superstar.

“By POPULAR DEMAND! today's #bangbangdare goes 2 d man himself THE PK! @aamir_khan! Your dare is -" PUT THE TRANSISTOR DOWN!!" he tweeted.

“Nahin karoge to punishment milega! Who bhi bangbang style mein! Kya bolte ho logon? ACCEPT?? @aamir_khan”, he added.

And Aamir is game for it!

He replied saying, "@iHrithik Hey Hritik I accept the dare! Have asked Raju for the transistor, its on the way!!! @iHrithik Will shoot it asap and send it to you!!! But i take no responsibility for what happens after that??"

Hrithik's “Bang Bang!” hits the big screens on Oct 2. Click the Movie button below for more info:
Bang Bang

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